Healthy Fast Food

I don’t know about you, but the thought of making a salad everyday is sometimes, well…, like drudgery. Getting all the veggies washed, and cut up, and then assembled can easily take a half hour. ┬áIt certainly is worth the time to have a healthy meal but what if we only had to do it once a week and have enough salads for lunch all work week?

You must be thinking about all those wilted, dried out veggies. Yuck! Have no fear! It is going to be as fresh as the day you made it. How is that possible? Have you ever heard of Salad in a Jar? This is awesome!image

Start out the same way you would with a regular salad by cleaning and cutting up ingredients….but, instead of putting them all together, in a bowl, instead place them in layers in a quart size Mason jar, starting with the wetter ingredients on the bottom. Continue layering ingredients, adding proteins, nuts/seeds near the top . Finally add your favorite lettuce or combination of lettuces. I usually do not add my salad dressing until I am ready to eat the salad.image

Sunday nights are a great time for me to prepare my “salads in jar” for the ENTIRE WEEK!! I just fill up the jars, put on the lids, stack them in the fridge ….grab a jar daily….and I have my “Healthy Fast Food”!


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