Turkey Challenge

Turkey Challenge

Did you know that many people think of fall as a good time to start new healthy practices, similar to New Year Resolutions? I have the perfect way to get you on the right track. Join us for the …. (Wait for it)….


Turkey Challenge!Silly Turkey Pic


Challenge begins: Oct. 5th –Nov. 15, 2015

Game Plan:

  • Turkey Challenge will run for six (6) weeks
  • Each week will consist of a new set of health/wellness “challenges”
  • Each individual will receive a “challenge ticket” that includes the weekly set of challenges.
  • Individuals will accumulate points by participating in weekly challenges
  • Individual team members will submit their points to team captains—to count towards total team points for week.
  • Grand prize awarded to winning team


How to Register for the Challenge:

  • Contact me by email to let me know you want to play
  • Fill out Turkey Challenge registration form and submit Cheri Roberts, through email at cheri@vitalhealthplus.com
  • Pay $10 for entry fee—send to team captain

Cheri Roberts
PO Box 279
Sunapee, NH 03782

  • The $10 fee must be received on or before Oct. 4th in order to participate.

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