Self Care

You know one of the most perplexing things I come up against when talking to clients or groups of people is the lack of understanding of their own self care.

Now don’t get me wrong, thanks to many publications, talk show, health gurus, and the like, many people are aware of eating a better diet, exercising, and many are becoming more aware of hydration.

There are two area I think should get more notice… sleep and relaxation.

Most of us have heard we need 8 hours of sleep. Actually, depending on your body 7-9 hours nightly is perfect for the body to accomplish all the functions necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind.

According to WebMD, sleep helps with a sharper brain, (who hasn’t experienced brain fog after staying up all night!) boosting our moods, healthier heart, steadier blood sugar, weight control, and helps our immune system.

WHEW! I feel like I should probably take a nap!

We have more to chat about when it come to the topic of sleep. Next time!


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