Relaxation, Meditation, and Reiki Benefits

I a not sure we put enough emphasis on relaxation. We live in this crazy world where working from sunrise to sunset and beyond is looked upon as a badge of honor! Are you kidding me! It’s killing us!

I don’t if you remember the days BEFORE we had cell phones, emails, answering machines, and texts. It was soooo delighful! You would go to work and then come home to your family. That’s when families ate dinner together and actually talked about their day. Then came answering machines…we had to spend additional time answering all those messages instead of spending time relaxing and being with our family. Then came the internet…great! Now not only do we have to answer all the phone messages but now we are on our computers! You can see where I am going with this. When do we have time NOT connected to work or devices?

I think it has become as serious problem…we are addicted to being BUSY continuously. It is destroying our health.

Taking time daily to relax…get a massage, go to a yoga class, take a walk outside, getting a Reiki treatment…so something to PAUSE.

I hear it all the time…I don’t have time. I have to blank, blank, blank! Just take the time…it’s only a minimum of 10 minutes daily.

Do it for your health, your family, and your mental health.


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