Are we getting all the benefits of Sleep?

I had no idea about the benefits of sleep, especially dealing with my with autoimmune disease and weight reduction. I mean I was doing all the “things ” I should…eating mostly plant based, eliminating processed food, going to the gym, and  I was still having challenges losing weight. Oh, did I mention I am a night owl!

Once I started investigating what I could do to improve my health and weight, you won’t believe what I found! Sleep actually boosts our immune system and it prevents weight gain! Yikes! I had it all wrong!!!

So what are the benefits of sleep? Besides the benefits I just mentioned, sleep helps our mental wellbeing, supports brain function, longer life span, boosts fertility, helps with clarity, heart health, reduces inflammation, and builds protein molecules that repair damage caused by stress. WHEW!

I have to say, I am in a better habit of getting more sleep but I could easily fall in to old habits. Like anything we want to change, I have to change what I am doing daily.

Anyone ready for a nap?!



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