15 Day Cruise- OMG! How Much Weight Will I Gain?!!! – Part 1

When you think of a 15 Day River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam through Austria (delicious pastries) and Bavaria (pretzels, more pastries, and beer) does the following question even enter your mind: How much weight am I going to gain?!!
Are you kidding! It certainly entered MY mind. OMG! I had just lost 27 pounds on my weight loss journey and I didn’t want to gain ANY of it back…seriously! How was this going to be possible? How was I going to enjoy all the delicious food and drink from all these countries KNOWN for this?

ACTION— I needed a plan of action.

First of all, I literally needed action by moving my body, EVERYDAY. The ship’s itinerary provided a solution. At every port we would be going on an hour to two hour walking tour of each city. Whew! That would be a great start. Then we were given 2-4 hours on our own to enjoy the city. GREAT! Another great opportunity to move and enjoy the sights. YIPPEE!
Next plan of action was to speak with the cruise staff concerning meals and dietary needs. I am vegetarian and when I travel I eat eggs and fish. It just makes it easier for everyone concerned.

My first meeting was with the Chef and the Maître D. They we very helpful and actually seemed excited and delighted to help me. AWESOME! (To be continued…)


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