15 Day Cruise- OMG! How Much Weight Will I Gain?!!! – Part 2

I had a daily consultation with the Maître D, choosing the food for my meals and any adaptations that was needed in preparation. With their help I was in control of all my meals while on the ship.

Action number three. Who wouldn’t want to taste all the yummy pastries, pretzels, chocolate, breads, and beer, not to mention all the regional wines! Of course, I wanted too! But the secret is only tasting…or sipping slowly on a glass of wine or beer.
Never once did I deprive myself of TASTING all the area and countries delicacies. If I felt like I had “tasted” too much, additional walking was in store. Truthfully, it was delightful walking on a starlight night with my husband holding hands, enjoying the company, and the magical glow of the city.

So how much weight did I gain on this incredible, once in a lifetime trip? Would you believe one and one half pounds! And, it was gone within the first few days of returning!

SUCCESS! Incredible cruise! Incredible food! Incredible plan! INCREDIBLE SUCCESS!


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