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Our Mission:

My mission is very simple…inspire healthy living at any age.

My mother was my first teacher in health and wellness. She certainly led by example. She was a nurse. Growing up in a small rural coal mining community in central PA where there was not a doctor, my mom became the person everyone came to for health issues.
Her advice was to eat from the garden, exercise, drink plenty of water, and have fun! Good advice to live by.

After graduating college with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree, my focus was on education. I continues taking classes in health and wellness. This resulted in me teaching for a nationally known weight loss organization. My courses continued over the next five years and I had hands on experience with clients.

Many of their medical situations improved with changes in diet and exercise. During this period of my life I continued following my mom’s advice… eating from the garden, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and having FUN!

For many reasons, I lost sight of that good advice. I gradually developed a variety of illness…thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, and allergies where I was on several inhalers and medication.

Thank goodness I had a life event that turned me around in the right direction. When I started focusing on my mom’s advice…eating from the garden, exercise, hydration, and having fun, my health began to turn around.

Since that time I have focused on helping others to do the same. It all starts with one simple change and one simple step. Helping others to gain better health and wellness and prevent disease is what I all am about.

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